Rezolut Summary

The official Rezolut (previously CPL) Whitepaper. Last updated September 2023


Rezolut is a groundbreaking educational game that offers a unique and engaging platform for individuals interested in learning about crypto investing. Built on the Binance, Polygon, Fantom, Klaytn and Polygon zkEVM chains, Rezolut provides a play, learn, and earn experience through interactive gameplay using real-time data. It’s a place to learn how to invest, test-out strategies & earn rewards. With Rezolut, one can learn everything from long-term investing to technical analysis to quick-win scalping strategies. This whitepaper outlines the various game formats within Rezolut, each designed to empower users with practical knowledge about crypto trading while also offering opportunities to earn real crypto rewards. Also it provides all the essential information about our tokenomics, roadmap and vision for the future.


In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, education is paramount. Rezolut addresses this need by offering a comprehensive educational game that allows users to delve into the intricacies of crypto trading without risking their own funds. Rezolut empowers users to learn about various trading strategies, market dynamics, and risk management, all while having an enjoyable gaming experience. We organise games everyday which are open for an unlimited number of users. Each game lasts for a fixed period like 24 hours or 48 hours or 1 week. Once you’ve entered into a game, you secure a chance to win real crypto rewards while learning all about crypto investing.

CPL Stars - Our In App Currency

The initial distribution and utilisation of our in app currency CPL Stars started in February 2022 with the launch of MicroTik game. Gradually, its utility spread across all our game formats and on popular demand we started the sale of the same within our app in April 2023. These CPL Stars give the holder kind of a superpower in all games which increases their chances of winning a bigger reward at the end of the game in real crypto tokens like BNB/MATIC/KLAY. However, these cannot be sold or transferred from one wallet to another. And they will never be listed on any DEX/CEX and never be sold outside of our app.

ZOLT - Token Launch

The official launch of the ZOLT token is scheduled for mid October 2023. ZOLT will be a tradable ERC-20 token on Polygon chain which will be listed on SushiSwap v2 and have a finite supply. Post launch, users will be able to purchase CPL Stars using ZOLT tokens at a discounted price. Upon holding ZOLT tokens, users will also get staking and farming rewards in CPL Stars as well as in ZOLT. Moreover, ZOLT is also the governance token which will provide the holders with DAO voting rights.

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