CPL Stars FAQs

Commonly asked questions about our in-app currency CPL Stars answered below

What is CPL Star?

CPL Star is an in-app currency to be used only within the Rezolut app. You can use it in any game & win MATIC/BNB/KLAY rewards.

What are the uses of CPL Stars?

CPL Stars are used in all games as a superpower to increase your chances of winning:

  1. Entry fee in BINGO! Game

  2. Buy leverage in MicroTik game

  3. Pay txn fees in CPL Battle and Microtik games

How can I earn CPL Stars?

Right now there are 3 ways to earn CPL Stars: (1) Play Battle/Microtik/BINGO/Stakes games to win CPL Stars. We add free games daily

(2) Referral Bonus - you can earn CPL Stars with every successful referral of a new user to Rezolut app

(3) Coming soon! You will be able to earn staking and farming rewards in CPL Stars for holding ZOLT tokens

Finally, if you run out of CPL Stars, you can always buy them within the Rezolut app.

On which exchange can I buy/sell CPL Stars?

For BUY - You can buy CPL Stars within the Rezolut app itself.

For SELL - Since CPL Star is an exclusive in-app currency within the Rezolut app, it cannot be sold or transferred, it can only be utilised in Rezolut games to win big rewards in BNB/MATIC

How many CPL Stars can I earn?

There is no limit to that. Play it fair and earn as much as possible. If found cheating, you will lose all your CPL Stars

In which wallet will I get my CPL Stars?

Lets say your wallet address in the Rezolut app is “0x1234…ABCD” and you have 1000 CPL Stars. If later you change the wallets in the Rezolut app, you will NOT get the reward of “0x1234…ABCD” to this new wallet.So please keep back-up of all your wallets from the Rezolut app.

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