Commonly asked questions about ZOLT token answered below

General ZOLT Token Statistics:

Token Name


Token Symbol


Token Decimals


Token Type


Total Supply

1,000,000,000 ZOLT (1B)


Polygon (Matic) Chain

IDO Launchpad


IDO Date

17th October 2023

What is the ZOLT token and what are its use cases?

ZOLT is the official governance and utility token of the Rezolut app which is scheduled to launch in October 2023. Its use cases include:

  1. ZOLT is the governance + utility token for the Rezolut universe. Post launch, eventually ZOLT holders will get voting rights which will shape the future of Rezolut by signalling their support for upgrades to the Rezolut ecosystem. It is the glue that will bind all the Rezolut community members together. However, this is part of the roadmap, and won't be started immediately after launch.

  2. ZOLT holders will be able to get free CPL Stars if they stake their ZOLT tokens post launch and participate in key governance votes.

  3. We plan to introduce farming rewards for ZOLT token - users who provide liquidity of ZOLT/USDT at SushiSwap v2 will be given ZOLT token as reward

  4. Once ZOLT token is launched you will be able to purchase CPL Stars on Rezolut app using ZOLT tokens at big discounts instead of using MATIC/BNB/KLAY tokens to purchase CPL Stars

What is the listing price of the ZOLT token?

It is difficult to determine the listing price right now. Once the token is launched, you will be able to sell your ZOLT token on Sushiswap. For example, if 1 ZOLT Token is $0.5 and you have 50 ZOLT token, you will be able to swap 50 ZOLT token for 25 USDT once the token is launched.

Is there any ZOLT token price guarantee?

Yes, if the price of ZOLT drops below $0.03 within 7 days of the token launch, we will buy back the ZOLT token from you at $0.03. This measure is in place to protect our users.

On which exchange can I buy or sell ZOLT token?

Right now ZOLT Token is not launched, hence it is not available for buy/sell on any exchange. Once ZOLT Token is launched, you will be able to trade ZOLT at supported DEXs like SushiSwap v2. Supported wallets are Krystal, Trust and Metamask. We will be listing on Bitmart Exchange and are also in the process of adding more CEXs & DEXs.

How can I get ZOLT for free?

This offer is only available until 22nd October 2023 (until a day before IDO & Airdrop tokens vest). Right now there are several ways to earn ZOLT token airdrop with a limited monthly supply for each option:

  1. 1 ZOLT : For every paid game played

  2. 1 ZOLT daily : For every $20 transfer made using the Rezolut app

  3. 5 ZOLT : After every 25 games played

  4. 1 ZOLT : For every $0.5 worth of CPL Stars purchased

  5. 0.5 ZOLT : For every CPL Stars purchase made by a referred user

Additionally, if you complete all the required tasks, you can qualify for a surprise airdrop of 1000 ZOLT at launch, available to top 1000 users.

Note - the standard IDO vesting schedule applies to airdrop as well where 20% releases on TGE & balance 80% will have monthly vesting over 9 months

What tasks do I have to complete to qualify for the lucky additional 1000 ZOLT airdrop at launch to top 1000 users?

Users who have accumulated highest count of ZOLT tokens (5000 ZOLT and above) will be eligible for 1000 ZOLT reward

How many ZOLT tokens can I earn?

There is no limit to that. Play it fair and earn as much as possible. If found cheating, you will lose all your ZOLT Tokens.

In which wallet will I get ZOLT Airdrop?

Lets say your wallet address in the Rezolut app is “0x1234…ABCD” and you have 1000 ZOLT tokens. If later you change the wallets in the Rezolut app, you will NOT get the reward of “0x1234…ABCD” to this new wallet.So please keep back-up of all your wallets from the Rezolut app.

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