Game Formats

A brief description of the LIVE games on the Rezolut app. Last updated September 2023

CPL Battle

CPL Battle is a dynamic game that provides users with virtual funds to invest in cryptocurrencies and aims to maximise profit within a specific timeframe. Each user starts with 1,000,000 virtual USD and is tasked with buying and selling different cryptocurrencies. The game encourages diversification by limiting the maximum investment in a single token to $200,000. The top-ranking players, determined by profit and minimum qualifying profit amount, win real crypto rewards in BNB, MATIC, FTM or KLAY tokens.

Users can leverage the wisdom of top players through the "View" feature, enabling them to learn from active trades and trading history. Rezolut also offers a "Copy Trade" feature, allowing users to emulate successful players' strategies. Players can make use of our unique “Search feature” to check out the Trending tokens on the app to see which token is being bought and which is being sold by the maximum number of players and take a call accordingly to place your own trade by learning from your fellow players. Apart from this, players also actively use the real time updating lists like the top gainers/top losers/high volume/high volatility tokens, etc.

Moreover, we have added all real life trading features like placing limit orders, take profit & stop loss orders. Players are also charged transaction fees using the in-app currency - CPL Stars - just like any exchange charges in real life trading. Hence, sticking true to our primary objective of “learning while earning” through the Rezolut app - the purpose of the Battle game is to take our users as close as we possibly can to real trading. Not just the mechanics of trading but through principles like compulsory diversification of the virtual portfolio, we inculcate the MOST important part of risk mitigation to safeguard our hard earned money while investing in the real world.

Pro Tip from our top players to take calls on whether to buy or sell tokens in this game is to try and analyse Bitcoin price movements - majority of tokens tend to follow suit. Secondly, in a flat, consolidating market, use a mix of both - buy and sell - to mitigate risks. And finally, keep an eye out for events across financial markets, especially US, as they tend to impact crypto market movements.

MicroTik Game

The MicroTik Game introduces users to real-time price prediction and leverage concepts. Players predict immediate Bitcoin price movements using live candlestick charts, earning CPL Stars based on accurate predictions. Leveraging these stars, users can experience the principles of leverage through purchasing it in the live game. The total CPL Stars earned over a predefined game duration contribute to users' rankings, with top players receiving additional rewards in BNB, MATIC, or KLAY tokens. Players are also charged transaction fees in CPL Stars while changing their position (buy or sell BTC) during those 5-minutes (just like in real life trading).


Similar to the MicroTik game, BINGO! focuses on short-term Bitcoin price movement prediction. Users place a single prediction after entering the game, aiming to double their staked CPL Stars with correct predictions. A minimum qualifying net CPL Stars count determines eligibility for MATIC, BNB, or KLAY rewards at the game's conclusion. The top-ranked player with the highest net CPL tokens wins an attractive grand prize.

Stakes Game

The Stakes Game introduces player-vs-player dynamics to crypto trading education. Users predict Bitcoin's price movement within a 2-minute timeframe, staking CPL Stars ranging from 1 to 10. The reward pool dynamically grows as more players join, and the correct prediction side wins the entire staked CPL Stars in proportion to their staking. So say 2 players A & B play a 2-minutes Stakes Game X. They stake UP 10 CPL each while player C stakes down using 10 CPL, then we have a total reward pool of 30 CPL Stars staked by these 3 players on the same game. If BTC price actually rises UP then A & B win back 15 CPL each (1.5x) while if BTC price falls down then C wins back 30 CPL Stars (3x). Thus, in this game, the unpopular side always wins a bigger reward when correct! This game not only teaches scalping techniques and technical analysis but also fosters healthy competition among players.


Rezolut redefines crypto education through immersive gameplay that provides practical knowledge and the opportunity to earn real crypto rewards. With various game formats catering to different learning styles and trading strategies, Rezolut empowers users to navigate the complex world of crypto investing. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, Rezolut stands as a cornerstone for anyone seeking to enhance their crypto trading expertise in an engaging and risk-free environment.

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